Yrsa Roca Fannberg



Bobby Fischer
Boris Spassky
Two of Iceland’s Chess Champions in the last 10 years
A future Chess Champion of Iceland
Crowd from Iceland
Crowd from all over the world
TV Crews
Sponsors, Organisers and other important people

Laugardalshöllin: the day after Fischer has beaten Spassky and claimed the new World Chess Champion. This will be their perhaps last goodbye to the Icelandic nation.
Fischer: (dressed in an immaculate white shirt, black loose tie and smart grey trousers), Even if I’m a member of the central committee now, (fiddling with a pencil) I can’t say anything too definite, as I want to keep my options, but I want to play a lot of chess and I like to play matches, ... I feel... you know... I want to play... a lot of (pauses) matches, you know, the money is there, it’s a question of money, not a question, you know of waiting three years, it’s a long time, a very long time.
Spassky: (dressed also in a white shirt, even more immaculate a blue tie and dark blue trousers) I agree.
Fischer: Definitely, yes. Definitely if the money is there, we are going (a long pause, where he turns his pen around his finger a few times) to have a return match, it’s no question emm... er...
Spassky: I agree.
(A young boy or girl, one cannot tell shouts, In Iceland, there is a hush hush from presumably his dad)
Fischer: You can ... the Russians, made me wait a long time, you know, dishonesty and everything. It’s nothing personal you know, but you know what I am trying to say.
Spassky: Well (seems to look straight through Fischer) what can one say.

Both are now rocking back & forth in their chairs - like two dead men dancing.

Fischer: I feel bored now, not tired (a longish pause, where you can hear the audience breathing), I just want to get back in action, I am not interested in making some kind of spectacle of myself (he turns to the audience) I am interested in serious chess you know.

Spassky: You played very very well in the second half. I have (someone coughs in the audience, followed by a second and a third cough) to admit I felt under tremendous pressure in the last games, except for the last game. I can only think of it as a huge fish, which I had caught, but somehow I could not contain it, it was slippery and so I lost it.
Fischer: Hmmm.

(A long long long applause, which seems to last an eternity erupts, with Spassky and Fischer shaking hands before leaving to the back room, the cameras having focused on the two great masters, now aim their lenses at the Icelandic crowd for a few minutes, no one seems to want to leave, no one seems to want this magical moment to come to an end, but in the end the rooms becomes empty and the cameramen pack up, with no sign of neither Spassky nor Fischer).

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