Yrsa Roca Fannberg



The difference between a gentleman and a show off

A master class in style, elegance, of hitting with style and a silk glove. Manipulation, heating up comments with second and third intentions are all part of football. Rijkaard showed his serene balance even when he attacked his colleague. He is respectful towards everyone, but not tolerant with those who have tried to bend the written and unwritten laws of football. The phrase Rijkaard used to all of Mourinho game was: “ It is good and healthy to create an atmosphere in football, but within its limits”.

The great difference between Rijkaard and Mourinho is their way of seeing football. Mourinho applies all mediums with only the result counting, no matter which path was taken, which methods were used. While the Dutchman tries to find ways of winning so that the public can enjoy it as well, even if he is totally aware and prepared at times to play “un resultadista” match, but only when it is absolutely necessary, aware that there is no need at times to commit a collective suicide, a situation Mourinho would never ever get himself into.
But this difference does not only occur on the pitch, Mourinho has shown that he bears no limits in applying techniques of winning and has a cunning sense to get the ends to meet.

The Master class
Rijkaard was very harsh with Mourinho for the lies he said of his meeting with Anders Frisk. He was all for Mourinho being sanctioned and all against the team being sanctioned, as he saw a clear difference between the coach and his team. “ It would have been an unreasonable punishment to throw Chelsea out of the competition”. Even if it is impossible to imagine, but what would Mourinho have said would the situation have been reversed.”


During the cold winter months, I would distract myself by watching football, rather said, I would watch F.C. Barcelona's games. No other teams.
It is a mixture of two things.
• I find it sane to have a passion for something you can't control, that you canal your emotions through something that is distant from yourself, but you feel part of it, you feel it.
• As a child I would travel to Catalunya to visit my father. I started travelling on my own as a five year old, only speaking Icelandic and after about two weeks I would speak some Catalan as well. I learnt very quickly that if I support Barça it would bring me a sense of belonging. It quickly became my connection with the country my father is from.
These writings are an extension of these two factors.